Worlds Unite! was born from Mia’s desire to unite her divergent interests and help others to unite the different parts of themselves that sometimes feel as though they are tugging at the seams.  Life is precious and we are all blessed with many gifts.  One of Mia’s is to see and help develop the gifts of others. She enjoys enhancing and restoring harmony and balance at many levels (individual - body, mind, spirit - group, family, work etc,)

Mia read Law (with French law) at University College London and has both a Masters in Law and Science (from College of Europe and Imperial College). She has practiced yoga for over 10 years and is a qualified yoga instructor (500 hour Iyengar-based course and International Yin-Insight course).  Having had the good fortune to lean a number of different traditions, she teaches from the heart with insight and compassion.  Mia has had worked in several fields, and is now doing work that she loves.  She hopes to help others do the same.

Email Mia at: Mia@WorldsUnite.org .

           ... Mia seems to carry with her and about her, an air of peace and grace. I tried to be intimidated by her but she was so humble and down to earth I just accepted her, with gratitude, as my friend ...

Ginny Schneider

        ... Mia’s real gift is her spiritual presence and the way she is able to be totally supportive. ...

Mark Cathcart