Clients’ views

Brian Roberts,  

Former Research Company Divisional Managing Director

“I attended a series of Life coaching sessions with Mia which helped me enormously.  At the time I was going through one of life's many transitions having recently retired. Mia guided me through new ways of looking at my life and my self which enabled me to move on to deal with the challenges of living my post-work life.

I found that Mia is a very calming influence and has an instinctive caring inner wisdom.  I thank her for the new insights into my life that she provided and for her support at a difficult time.”

Mark Cathcart,  

Analyst, Insurance, Deutsche Bank

"Mia's presence and energy during my first yoga lesson was impressive and reassuring.  The lesson was challenging but Mia was a coach in whom I could quickly and effortlessly feel trust.  We shared a sense of excitement as I took my first steps in yoga. 

What I remember most is Mia's deep knowledge and delightful explanations of yoga, as well as the warm and safe atmosphere she created.  The lesson felt wholesome, physical and spiritual, with a wonderful, encouraging presence of belief.  The atmosphere in the session was energising but beautifully relaxing at the same time.  As I lay in relaxation at the end of the session listening to Mia's coaxing words encouraging me to let go, I felt a beautiful sense of deep peace permeating throughout my body.

I felt that Mia gave me her full attention during the session.  Her real gift is her spiritual presence and the way she is able to be totally supportive."

Ginny Schneider, 

Special Needs Teacher

"I came away from Mia’s introduction to yoga class with an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I had so many fears when I entered into the experience and when I left I was completely at peace.  I have thought about this experience many times in the past weeks.  In my mind I can go back and re-live the feeling of release that I experienced.  I am still unable to put those feelings into words.


When I left Mia’s class, I felt so good.  I do not know how to explain this or understand it.  I felt like a new person.  I have had pains in my hips for a long period of time.  After the class they were gone.  Over the next few days I would wake up in the morning and find myself doing some of the stretches we did during the breathing meditation.  I could feel my hip joints being less tight."

Paul Desbois,   

Managing Director, OPEX Hosting Ltd.

“For several months I had a painful shoulder injury.  The discomfort was deep under the shoulder blade and was causing sharp pain around the rotator cuff.  Taking pain killers was helping but not improving the problem.  A friend recommended Mia, and during a 1 hour massage Mia was able to relax the surrounding muscles and work her magic on the problem areas.  I would highly recommend Mia for either a thoroughly relaxing or deep sports massage.  Her depth of knowledge combined with a gifted touch makes her invaluable at those times when your body needs help.”

Flavio Chigi della Rovere,  

Country Club Castelfusano, Rome

“Mia is an old university friend of mine and after finding out that, alongside everything else she’s doing, she became a yoga expert, I asked her to come and teach yoga to clients in my tourist resort near Rome. Mia developed quite a following and the clients who participated in her course were enthusiastic about her and the yoga method she used. I personally took part in her classes and I loved them. She taught in 2 languages and I felt totally relaxed and at ease with her teaching as well as inspired, in fact I took up yoga lessons since then!  I would really love her to come back to Rome next season to continue what she started so successfully….I wonder if she will take my invitation again :) !”


   ... Mia was a coach in whom I could quickly and effortlessly feel trust   ...

                                    Mark Cathcart

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