World Philanthropist

Giving is the greatest gift we can give ourselves

My latest and most exciting project is World Philanthropy.   The idea is expanding and developing and is inspired by all the great minds out there who want to give ... and all the organisations out there who are doing a lot of good and need help is specific areas.

Instead of sharing your money (and not always knowing where it ends up), share some of your time.  Take on a project for an organisation - use your invaluable skills (likely to cost them far more than a donation that you would give and be far more rewarding for you too).  In the comfort of your home or hands on in the field, use your teaching, accounting, legal, IT, marketing, communication, medical, cooking, consulting, engineering, scientific etc. skills to help organisations that matter to you.

I am still looking for ideas and input.  If you are interested in this project or have any ideas or want to volunteer help, please email me at

            ...Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give ...


           ...To whom much is given, of him much is required...